Product Engineering Services
The shortage of worldwide software engineering talent has resulted in intense competition for recruitment of top-flight talent.  This has resulted in several concerns for companies seeking to build competent product development organizations like:

Precelor recognizes this challenging situation and has developed its employee hiring and retention policies that balance seemingly conflicting objectives of employee retention and cost control. Understanding the situation to be tackled as a multi-dimensional problem and taking a 360° view enables Precelor to deploy a multi-pronged solution including process control, right-shoring and employee development and motivation. Precelor’s unique risk shared model of development also ensures that we are a true development partner, not just a vendor with a myopic view of this complex problem. In short, Precelor delivers the right skills at the right time in the right amount with the right competence to address your go-to-market needs in the most optimal manner.

IT Support Services
With constant pressure on the bottom-line, companies seek services that basically keep a check on costs. Precelor recognizes the need for a proper combination of both subject matter expertise as well as an ability to deliver effective cost control. In addition, Precelor also recognizes that in the successful operation of an IT support center, there are roles that need to be as co-located as possible with the consuming organization. Most often an over-riding concern with cost control leads companies down a path where the outcome does not satisfy the needs of users or leads to clients not being made aware of development and support risks at the right time. Many an ‘offshoring’ exercise has come to naught because of an inability to view it as a multi-dimensional problem needing a multi-pronged solution.  Precelor’s service level agreements coupled with efforts expended to get a clear understanding  of application life cycles enables us to deliver a solution that serves you well today, tomorrow and beyond.

Consulting Services
Precelor often-times offers point solutions to specific problems through its consulting services to companies which are essentially looking for immediate-term solutions to immediate problems. These services are usually offered as point solutions to immediate problems—they are often executed as part of a much larger picture. Precelor’s unique service-focused agreements enable our clients to derive value out of the smallest engagement that they sign up with us.