Precelor was founded as a Delaware Corporation with headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area, California in January 2008. The word Precel means to excel, to exceed or to surpass. Precelor was founded to deliver software and related services with one objective in mind – to deliver beyond customer expectations. The company was started by professionals with more than 22 years of hands on work experience in a variety of companies, start-up, tiny, small, medium and large, focused on offering IT services, delivering software products in on-premise and on-demand models. Precelor aims to utilize a precisely-defined, objective-driven process that leverages a global delivery model to drive value. The three key values that Precelor espouses are:

Our main service offerings are:

Our clients operate in their own business niches. In the execution of their business, they need assistance to overcome specific strategic and tactical roadblocks. These roadblocks are most often not what they seem on the surface but a series of interconnected and involved problems requiring specific solutions. We exist to assist our clients to solve these problems. Our ability to deliver a successful solution comes from our ability to take a 360° view of the problem and propose and deliver multi-dimensional solutions on time and within budget. Business problems require careful consideration of the problem in all its dimensions and presenting solutions that seek to optimize among a set of apparently conflicting business objectives to an agreed schedule within a specified budget. This focus on our maximizing our value to our ‘client’s business’ rather than be hung up about on ‘our technology’ is Precelor’s key value proposition.